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The main goal of this course is to provide you with an introduction to the principals of computer science and its place in the modern world. You will be introduced to the behavior, language, and skills of a computer scientist. It will provide you with general knowledge about computer hardware, software, and various languages, along their impact on the modern world. After taking this course you will reach a level of comfort in using a computer and understand that the computer is not a magic box. You will learn the basic structure of a computer, how it works, and how a user can take advantage of the technology available to them. It will be a fun year where you learn and grow a lot! Click on the links below or on the side to get started.

Course Overview

The goal of the class is teach you to think and work like a computer scientist. By the end of the year you will know that the computer is not some magical box but rather, one of the powerful tools used by the computer scientist to solve computational problems.

The topics covered in this course are:


Your progress and understanding will be evaluated through a combination of homework assignments, practical in-class assignments, individual and group projects, tests, and class participation.

Homework assignments will consist of a combination of readings and worksheets related to those readings. The purpose of homework is to further your understanding of the concepts covered in class and/or to prepare you for an upcoming class. Please see the homework section to know what homework is required for each class.
Throughout the year you will be given assignments in class that have to be completed in class. These assignments will be used to check your understanding of the concepts that we are covering in class.
Each quarter you will have to complete a project. You need to think of the projects as a chance to showcase the skills and knowledge that you have learned in class so do your best. These projects will be individual or group based. We will go over the requirements of each project in class. You will also be provided time in class to work on them. However, most projects will require that you take your work home and finish it up there.
At the end of each quarter there will be a summative test to check your understanding of the concepts covered during that quarter. Tests are usually made up of three sections: True / False, Multiple Choice, and Short Answers.

Participation involves showing up to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. More specifically this includes showing up to class on time before the bell rings with the proper materials, actively participating in all classroom activities and discussions, completing work on time (see late work policy below), and treating your fellow classmates and teacher in a respectful and mature manner.

  Grade Breakdown

Homework 30%
In-Class Assignments 30%
Projects 15%
Tests 15%
Partic 10%

  Late Work Policy

Throughout the year you will be asked to complete various assignments for grades. It is your responsibility to get your work completed on time. Work is due before the start of class on the due date. If work is handed in after the start of class, it is considered late.

Failure to get your work turned in on time will result in the following:

  •  Deduction of 10% per calendar day that it is late, up to 5 days.
  •  A detention for each day that it is late.
  •  If work is not handed in after 5 days, you will receive a zero for the graded assignment and your parents will be notified through e-mail of the situation.
  •  If work is not handed in a 2nd time in a quarter, along with the above repercussions, your parents will be called in for a 1:1 meeting to discuss the situation.


 Class Syllabus

If you want to know more detailed information about what you are learning this year and how you will be evaluated, click on the button to view your official class syllabus